We are a group of wildlife conservationists linked in a lean NGO structure. The strength of our team is a multidisciplinary approach covering the fields of wildlife biology, conservation management and genetics. Due to the close cooperation with our local counterparts we are able to collect data and implement reliable on the ground measures.

Dr. Frank Drygala

Management Board

Dr. Frank Drygala

Senior Scientist, Vice President ANB

Dr. Frank Drygala
Joerg Mehnert, MSc

Joerg Mehnert, MSc

Wildlife Biologist, President ANB, Creative & Financial Management

Joerg Mehnert, MSc

Advisory Board & Cooperations


Prof. Gono Semiadi, Ir Wirdateti MSc, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Bogor

Inge Tielen MSc, Bertie Ferns MSc, Cikananga Wildlife Center

Nursyamsi, Sub Section BKSDA, Bawean Island; Arkam, Local Conservationist, Bawean Island



Joliesa Mae Salmoy Toledo MSc, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Central Mindanao University

United Kingdom

Scott Wilson MSc, Head of Field Programmes, Chester Zoo


Dr. Johanna Rode-Margono, Stiftung Artenschutz


Dr. Alain M. Frantz, National Museum of Natural History

Sponsors & Partners

chester zoo - zoological institute
IUCN SCC Wild Pig Specialist Group
synchronicity earth
Stiftung Artenschutz
cikananga conservation center
National Museum of Natural History Luxembourg

Our Skills

Applied research - Due to the combination of different methods we are able to gather comprehensive data on our focal species.

homerange-bawean warty pig
Conservation Genetis - DNA sampling - hybridisation and imprinting

Wildlife Biology and Management

We have a broad range of experience in wildlife biology and have worked intensively on carnivores and ungulates in Asia and Europe over the last 15 years.

// Trapping and immobilisation

// Spatial use pattern analysis (GPS and VHF Telemetry)

// Camera trapping and video observation

// Carry out Population Viability Analysis (PVA), species management plans

// Implement on the ground measures to prevent poaching, poisoning and illegal trade

// Estimating the importance of different habitat types for selected mammals and improvement of habitat quality

// For more information see publication section

Wildlife Biology

Conservation Genetics

Endemic, small and isolated populations are threatened by inbreeding, genetic degradation and hybridization with closely related species. 

// DNA sampling 

// Genetic fingerprinting to analyse the expansion of invasive species

// Analyse the risk of extinction due to hybridisation and inbreeding for endangered mammals

// Proof of species status for endangered mammals with Deficient Data (DD) availability

// For more information see publication section

VHF Telemetry
GPS Sender Wild Pig

Outreach and Education 

We routinely pass wildlife research experience and skills to our local partners and reguarly give  environmental education course to children and young adults.

// Train local partners (trapping & telemetry) in Asia 

// Teaching basic wildlife biology and ecology in Germany

Local Partners