Bawean Warty Pig (Sus blouchi) - Endangered

The Bawean warty pig (Sus blouchi) is Red-Listed as Endangered but still covered as a sub-species under the Java warty pig (Sus verrucosus). …. further information

  • According to camera trapping data only roughly 172–377 animals live on Bawean island and the population trend is unknown
  • The species is not legally protected by Indonesian law. Hunting is still common and around 50 animals are killed annually. 
  • Bawean warty pigs do cause crop damage in rice fields and are regarded as a pest by the people of Bawean
Bawean Island with wildlife reserve (© by Rode-Margono et al. 2019)

What can ANB achieve

  • We collected DNA and are on the way to prove the single species status of Bawean warty pig
  • We need to know the roaming behaviour to better protect the species and prevent crop damage
  • We will stop legal hunting and include Bawean warty pig into the list of protected species in Indonesia
  • We intend to set up a captive breeding program and a back-up population

Jawan Warty Pig (Sus verrucosus) - Endangered

The Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus) is endemic to Java and listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List (IUCN 2008) further information

  • Javan warty pigs are not protected, legal hunting is widespread and the population size is unknown
  • There is almost no information were the last isolated, small populations are left on Java
  • We do not have reliable data on habitat requirements and space use pattern
  • Hybridisation between the Java warty pig and the common and abundant Indonesian wild boar (Sus scrofa vitattus) is a serious thread
Jawan Warty Pig (Sus veruscosus) © by Florian Richter

© by Florian Richter

Distribution of Jawan Warty Pig on Java (© by Semiadi & Meiyaard 2006)

Distribution on Java (© by Semiadi & Meiyaard 2006)

Jawan Warty Pig (Sus veruscosus) © by Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center

© by Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center

What can ANB achieve?

We can give support to active conservation programs on Java. The Javan Species Recovery Programme (JaSpeR) currently investigates the last distribution areas of the Javan warty pig, the impact of hunting pressure and is carrying out solutions to protect the species. At the same time ANB analyses the “pureness” of the last reaming populations.

  • We can develop a “field guide” with morphological descriptions of typical pure and hybrids specimen, as previously confirmed by genetic methods
  • We can provide knowledge on essential habitat requirements and movement pattern to develop conservation management plans and give advice to current re-introduction programs.
  • We need to create an awareness in Indonesia, about the critical situation of Javan warty pig to stop legal hunting and to protect the last species strongholds.