Bawean Deer (Axis Kuhlii) - Critically endangered

The Bawean deer (Axis kuhlii) is endemic to Bawean island, listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, protected by Indonesian law and listed on CITES Appendix I.

  • Preliminary data indicate that around 150-300 animals are left and with a slowly but a constant decreasing population
  • Threats include deforestation, habitat degradation and possible predation from feral dogs
  • Conservation actions are not active and captive populations are not managed
  • According to IUCN standards re-introduction programs need solid scientific advice
Bawean Island with wildlife reserve (© by Rode-Margono et al. 2019)

Bawean Deer (Axis Kuhlii)

What can ANB achieve?

  • Use camera traps to better estimate the population size of the  elusive deer
  • Analysis of GPS data of wild and re-introduced deer to determine habitats and movement patterns
  • Estimating inbreeding depression of ex situ populations using genetic tools
  • Update of IUCN action plans and management of ex situ populations on Bawean Island
  • In 2023 we will re-introduce deer to the protected area on Bawean
Bawean Deer
Bawean Deer