Association for Nature and Biodiversity 

Biodiversity is the web of life and we are facing the highest species extinction rate in Earth´s history. 

This has a direct impact on all our lives.

The Association for Nature and Biodiversity (ANB) is a German based non-profit NGO established in order protect threatened species around the globe.

We have three core principal platforms of action:   

// Raise solid data to develop effective conservation action plans

// Start urgently needed on the ground measures and solve human wildlife conflicts

// Teach local organisations to embrace and extend species conservation programs

Forest on Bawean Island Surabaya Indonesia
Bawean Deer
Bawean pig
dry forest on Bawean island
racoon dog
flooded forest Mecklenburg Germany
3 youngsters - Bawean warty pig

Our Mission 

The rapid loss of species we are seeing today is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the rate of species extinctions that would occur if we humans were not around.

ANBs mission is help to solve this problem. We aim to use field biological and genetic tools to collect data and to develop efficient and effective species conservation plans to protect highly endangered species.

Our Goals 

// Scientific based risk assessment and population viability analysis

// Stop poaching and illegal trade

// Develop and carry out conservation action plans, that are urgently needed to prevent extinction

// Improve acceptance and habitat quality for species under pressure

Our Vision 

Sustainability is the key for species protection. Rare species will only survive if local communities start to regard them as unique and valuable. Our vision is not only to rescue species but also to create an attitude, that will secure the survival in the long term.